State periods you have stayed or moved abroad as a state pension or a disability pension recipient

If you travel abroad as a disability pensioner or state pensioner, it may have an impact on your pension. You must let Udbetaling Danmark know:

  • if you have a temporary stay abroad outside of the EU/EEA area or Switzerland.
  • if you move abroad.
  • when you come home from abroad.

If your stay abroad is a temporary one, it will have no impact on your pension.

Whether a stay abroad is temporary or not depends on a specific individual assessment of your residency circumstances.

You have the opportunity to stay abroad for a total period of up to 6 months during a 12-month period.

You must maintain a real actual residence in Denmark and be registered with the civil register.

If this is the first time you travel, you do however have the opportunity for your stay abroad to last for up to 12 months.

If you are in doubt about whether your stay abroad has an impact on your pension, you must get in touch with Udbetaling Danmark.

Please note that the self-service solution is in Danish.

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