Transfer pension to a bank in your country of residence

Please use this form, if you want pension transfer to a bank in your country of residence. Your information cannot be given on the telephone.

Do not use this form if you want to have your Danish pension paid into an account with a bank in Denmark instead.

If you are already receiving a Danish pension, it is important that you do not close the account the pension is being paid into, before you find that the pension is being paid into the new account.

It would be a good idea to have your bank check the form, to make sure of the correctness of the items entered.

Fill in the form and send it by post to Udbetaling Danmark, International Pension & Social Sikring, Kongens Vænge 8, DK-3400 Hillerød.

Charges and fees

If you opt for transfer to an account in your country of residence, you should note that some fees or charges must be paid by yourself:

You must pay a fee for having our bankers, Danske Bank, transfer your pension to a bank in your country of residence. Within the EU-area, the fee amounts to 4.95 DKK. Outside of the EU-area, fees may be higher, or in an amount which varies from one country to another.

A bank fee will be charged if you fail to state your IBAN-No or SWIFT Code correctly, which may also cause the impossibility of transfer. This will be so in the case of missing details of your banker within the EURO-area.

Besides, you may have to pay a fee charged by your own bank. Such charge remains an affair between yourself and your local bank, the amount of which is beyond the influence of this Agency and of Danske Bank. If such fee or charge has been raised, you should discuss it with your local bank.


The currency in which you have your pension transferred, will be the one you choose.

If you live in Belgium, Finland, France, Holland, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Germany or Austria, however, we recommend that your pension is transferred in EURO.

If you live in Sweden, Canada, USA or Switzerland, we would recommend that your pension is transferred in the currency of your country of residence.

If you reside in any other country, we recommend that you have your pension transferred either in the currency of your country of residence, in EURO, or in US $.

If you wish transfer in any other currency than those recommended, for instance in Danish kroner, that will also be feasible.

Please note that a fee will then be charged by the bank exchanging your pension from Danish kroner into the other currency.

Contact info

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+45 70 12 80 55 (Old Age Pension)

+45 70 12 80 53 (Early Danish Pension)

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