Inform Udbetaling Danmark of changes - parental allowance (barselsdagpenge) - eID

When you receive a parental allowance (barselsdagpenge) from Udbetaling Danmark, you must notify us if:

  • you stop your leave earlier than scheduled
  • you begin part-time work
  • you take a vacation with salary or holiday pay
  • you extend your leave with reduced benefits
  • you no longer cohabit with your child
  • your child is in a hospital - this gives you the option to extend your leave
  • you become unemployed during your leave and are entitled to an unemployment benefit (dagpenge) - in some circumstances this results in an increase in the parental allowance

You are obligated to notify Udbetaling Danmark of changes when you receive a parental allowance (barselsdagpenge) of if your employer receives a reimbursement. If you do not, then you run the risk of having to pay some of the money back.

Please note that this solution is in Danish.

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