ATP Livslang Pension

ATP Livslang Pension is part of the Danish welfare society to old-age pensioners.


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Your ATP Livslang Pension will be paid out when you reach the Danish retirement age. Your retirement age depends on the date you were born.

As a pensioner living abroad, your ATP Livslang Pension is transferred to your bank account either each month or as a lump sum depending on how much money you have accrued.

Below, you can see the Danish retirement age:

Date of birth Danish retirement age
31 December 1953 or before 65 years
1 January 1954 - 30 June 1954 65½ years
1 July 1954 - 31 December 1954 66 years
1 January 1955 - 30 June 1955 66½ years
1 July 1955 - 31 December 1962 67 years
1 January 1963 or later 68 years

The Danish retirement age may be changed by the Danish Parliament with a 15 years notice prior to the present retirement age.

You can defer your ATP Livslang Pension.

If you defer your ATP Livslang Pension it will increase each month.

You can maximum defer your ATP Livslang Pension 10 years from your Danish retirement age.


YEAR              1          2          3          4          5          6          7          8          9          10


INCREASE     4%     8%     13%     20%     28%     37%     47%     58%     71%     86%

In the table you can see how much your pension increases when you defer the payment.

If you want to defer your pension, you must notify ATP Livslang Pension before the 5th of the month you reach the Danish retirement age. Your pension will be increased by a percentage. The rate is updated every year based on life expectancy and market interest rates.

The forecast is not a guarantee of the size of the pension when you receive it.

When you reach the Danish retirement age you can receive your ATP Livslang Pension - either in the form of monthly payments or as a lump sum depending on how much you have accrued..

Shortly before you reach the Danish retirement age, you will receive a letter from ATP Livslang Pension.

Therefore, make sure that ATP has your address.

Our letter contains a form which you have to fill out with your bank information and return it to ATP.

Digital Post

If you are signed up for Digital Post you will receive your letter(s) in your digital mailbox.

See an English translation of the letter:

If you do not have an address in Denmark, please remember that ATP must have your address abroad in order to pay out your pension.

Choose a Danish or a foreign account

You decide whether you want your ATP Livslang Pension paid out to a Danish or a foreign bank.

If you have a Danish bank account the transfer will have no cost to you.

If you have a foreign account you must pay a fee.

The bank deducts a handling fee

Our banking agreement will charge up to 4,95 DKK per transfer, no matter which foreign country the money is transferred to. Your bank abroad may also charge a fee for receiving the money. Please contact your bank abroad regarding their fee.

Deferring your pension

You can choose to defer your pension. If you wish to do so, please tick the box "I wish to defer my ATP Livslang Pension to" on the form that you have received. Or by using our self-service.

Defer your pension:

Each year in july you will receive a life certificate. If you fill out and return the life certificate to ATP Livslang Pension your pension will be paid out as usual.

ATP Livslang Pension cooperates with Udbetaling Danmark, International Pension. Therefore, if you receive state pension you will receive the life certificate from Udbetaling Danmark, International Pension.

We will stop your pension payments if you do not fill out and return the life certificate.

ATP Livslang Pension is payable when you have reached the Danish retirement age even though  you are leaving Denmark. You cannot have your ATP Livslang Pension paid out earlier because of for instance: living abroad, disablement, earlier retirement age in another country or transferred to another pension scheme ect.

If you are staying outside Denmark by the time you reach the Danish retirement age we advise you to contact us in order for you to benefit from the rights and savings you have accrued.

We do not automatically receive changes of addresses abroad. Remember to inform  ATP Livslang Pension of any new addresses abroad.

You will receive the pension amount either as a lump sum or a monthly payment.

The size of your ATP Livslang Pension determines how you receive ATP Livslang Pension:

  • If your ATP Livslang Pension amounts to more than DKK 3.050 per year before tax, you will receive your pension monthly for as long as you live.
  • If your ATP Livslang Pension amounts to DKK 3.050 or less per year before tax, you will receive your pension as a lump sum.

ATP’s Supervisory Board may change the limit of DKK 3.050 in the future. Your payment may change from a lump sum to a monthly payment if you pay in more ATP contributions or postpone your retirement, thus increasing your pension.

It is important for your dependents to contact ATP as we are not automatically informed about deaths that occur abroad.

Your dependents might be entitled to a lump sum. Dependents are:

  • Spouses, or
  • Cohabitants, and
  • Children under the age of 18 or 21

40 per cent of the lump sum will be deducted as tax for Skattestyrelsen.

If you receive ATP Livslang Pension, payments will stop when you die, i.e. no one can inherit your pension.

See your disbursement in the event of death:

In order to make payment to a spouse ATP needs:

  • A copy of the death certificate,
  • A copy of your marriage certificate, If you have changed your name in connection with your marriage, we need a certificate issued by a public authority stating the change of name and the date of the change
  • Your signature confirming that you were still married at the time of her/his death,
  • Your address, and
  • Bank information

In order to make payment to children ATP needs:

  • A copy of the birth certificates,
  • Information about who the guardian is for any child under the age of 18, and
  • Bank information


Register your cohabitant:

If you and your cohabitant were not resident in Denmark and were not registered with ATP as common-law partners, you need to complete a form to request payment of the lump sum.


Here you can read about what ATP requires as valid documentation.

The size of the contribution depends on various rates.

Private-sector employers always pay A-contributions, which is the highest rate.

Public-sector employers pay A, B, C, D, E or F-contributions, depending on the collective agreement the employee are covered by.

Public-sector employers have paid B, C, D, E and F-contributions for most employees since 1 January 1988. A-contributions may be optional or mandatory (from either transfer income or full-time employment), while contributions based on the other rates always stem from full-time employment.

Since 1993, ATP contributions have been paid on various types of transfer income such as unemployment benefits, sick pay, welfare benefits etc. Certain groups such as early retirement pensioners and recipients of partial pension may choose to pay ATP contributions themselves. These contributions are also shown in the overview.

The contributions shown include the contributions made by the member as well as his/her employer, municipality, Udbetaling Danmark the Public Benefits Administration or unemployment insurance fund. However, self-employed people and recipients of early retirement benefits or benefits under the Danish flexi job scheme pay the full contribution themselves.

Contributions made prior to 1 January 2008 are reported on an annual basis only. See also rates from prior years:

From 1 January 2020, the state will pay a contribution to your pension if you are receiving one of the following Danish benefits:

  • Unemployment benefit (arbejdsløshedsdagpenge)
  • Maternity/paternity benefits (barselsdagpenge)
  • Early retirement pension (efterløn)
  • Holiday benefit (feriedagpenge)
  • Flexjob contribution (flekslønstilskud)
  • Early retirement allowance for beneficiaries of the subsidised flexible employment scheme (fleksydelse)
  • Disability pension (førtidspension)
  • Welfare benefits (kontanthjælp)
  • Unemployment benefit for persons accepted onto a subsidised flexible employment scheme (ledighedsydelse)
  • Resource course grant (ressourceforløbsydelse)
  • Rehabilitation benefits (revalideringsydelse)
  • Senior pension (senior pension)
  • State Adult Education Grants (statens voksenuddannelsesstøtte)
  • Supplement for fractional pension (Supplement til brøkpension)
  • Sickness benefits (Sygedagpenge)
  • Supplement to self-employed people with a reduced ability to work (tilskud til selvstændigt erhvervsdrivende med nedsat arbejdsevne)
  • Education benefit (Uddannelseshjælp).

The contribution is paid to ATP and will become part of your ATP Livslang Pension.

You will be paid the pension when you reach the state retirement age. You cannot receive the pension before, even if you are, for example, on a disability pension, suffering from a life-threatening illness or move to another country.

How much is contributed? 

The contribution to Obligatorisk Pensionsordning depends on the type of benefit that you are receiving. In 2020, there will be contributed an amount equivalent to 0.3 per cent of your benefit. The contribution will increase each year up to 2030, where the state will be contributing 3.3 per cent.

2020 0,3 % 
 2021 0,6 %
 2022 0,9 %
 2023 1,2 %
 2024 1,5 %
 2025 1,8 %
 2026 2,1 %
 2027 2,4 %
 2028 2,7 %
 2029 3,0 %
 2030 3,3 %

If you have received a Danish overview of your ATP Livslang Pension, see an English translation of the letter.

If you are a pensioner, you get a letter every year with an overview of your pension payments.

See an English translation of the letter:

If you have received a Danish social security contribution letter, see an English translation of the letter.

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