Access your sickness benefit case in ’Mit Sygefravær'

’Mit Sygefravær’ gives you access to your sickness case.

You can for example:

  • See the notification letter from your municipality
  • Check and comment on notifications made by your employer orunemployment insurance fund
  • Apply for sickness benefits from the municipality
  • Fill out the form ‘Oplysningsskema’
  • Inform your municipality about changes in your situation which affects your right to sickness benefit’

Please note:

  • You must complete and submit the form ‘Oplysningsskema’ within 8 days of the dispatch of the notification letter.
  • If you need to apply for sickness benefits from the municipality, you must do it within 8 days of the dispatch of the notification letter

The self-service solution is both in Danish and in English.

How to

If you are registered to Digital Post, your will receive messages regarding your sickness case from the municipality in your digital mailbox, which can be accessed either on or

The letter, “Vedrørende dit sygefravær” from the municipality will state what information you need to submit in ‘Mit Sygefravær’.

It is mandatory to fill out the digital form 'Oplysningsskema’. This requires e.g.information about the character of your illness, the expected duration of absence and your current workplace.

  • Log on ‘MitSygefravær’ with your digital signature, NemID/MitID.
  • Submit the required information stated in the letter “Vedrørende dit sygefravær”, including the ‘Oplysningsskema’.
  • You will get a receipt on screen when you have completed the required steps, stating that the municipality have received the information.

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