Make a claim to LG

Report salary etc. that you are due by completing and sending the claims form.

How to

  • Click the green button and download the form
  • Read the instructions and fill out and sign the form
  • Print out and send the form with all the relevant documentation to LG
  • You send the claim via a contact form 'Write to LG' or by sending a physical letter by mail
  • If you do not have a Danish CPR no., please also send your birthday, birth year and a legible copy of your passport along with your claim.

Before you start, you must find:

  • your employment contract
  • notice of termination
  • your last 6 payslips
  • timesheets
  • other relevant documentation 

Please note that the claim must be printed out and signed by hand. You cannot therefore use NemID/MitID.

Contact info