Maternity/paternity benefits - How Udbetaling Danmark processes your personal data

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Udbetaling Danmark processes information about you when you are in contact with them about maternity/paternity benefits. Maternity/paternity benefits covers:

  • Maternity/paternity benefits
  • Taking care of a very sick child

In the following, you can learn more about what information Udbetaling Danmark processes in connection with maternity/paternity benefits, how they process it and your rights in that context.

If you contact Udbetaling Danmark about maternity/paternity benefits without having a case, they will register your inquiry and typically your name and phone number as well.

If, at a later point, you apply for or receive maternity/paternity benefits, you will receive detailed information about the type of information that is included in the processing of your case.

When you or your employer apply for or receive maternity/paternity benefits, unemployment benefits or are reimbursed, then you are providing your consent for Udbetaling Danmark to process some information on you. This information is also called personal data.

Udbetaling Danmark may exchange information with other authorities, employers, banks, etc. when this is necessary in order to process your case.

Udbetaling Danmark will process the personal data that is relevant to the case. For example, this might be information about:

  • your income
  • your work information
  • your address information
  • the health information, etc. of you or your child

that Udbetaling Danmark receives from CPR, Folkeregistret (the population register), Skatteforvaltningen (the tax administration), your doctor, your employer or your unemployment insurance fund. Udbetaling Danmark only retrieves and processes information necessary for the processing of your case. The intention is to ensure that your employer receives the benefit they are entitled to.

Udbetaling Danmark processes your information based on the Act on Udbetaling Danmark and other acts.

When Udbetaling Danmark processes the case, they may disclose information about you to other public authorities, foreign authorities and private individuals who are entitled to receive the information under the law or with whom they cooperate. To process your case on maternity/paternity benefits, Udbetaling Danmark may obtain, share and correlate some information without asking you first.

Udbetaling Danmark may:

  • share information with the municipal authorities with a view to recalculating, offsetting, performing other follow-up or checking the payment of benefits you may not be entitled to.
  • obtain information from other authorities and unemployment funds if this is necessary to decide your case, and we can ask the municipal authorities to check your wage and salary payments.
  • obtain information from other authorities, employers, banks, etc. in cases concerning repayments if this is necessary to process the case. 

If Udbetaling Danmark or the municipal authorities opened up a case to check whether you are entitled to other benefits, they may share the necessary information about your case, e.g. the matter under investigation, and the steps taken so far. This also applies to cases which have been closed within the past six months.

In order to confirm that you are entitled to maternity/paternity benefits or that your employer is entitled to reimbursement, Udbetaling Danmark can correlate its own information with the required, non-sensitive personal data from other Danish or foreign authorities and unemployment insurance funds. In certain cases, the results may be correlated with information from PostNord or other postal operators.

If Udbetaling Danmark discloses information about you to an authority in a third country, we will do so based on current legislation and to ensure that your payments are or have been correct.

Udbetaling Danmark will store your information during the processing of the case and delete them five years after the case has been closed. The information is stored after the case has been closed due to the regulations in the Danish acts on obsolescence and record-keeping, etc. Udbetaling Danmark can make decisions that are solely based on automated processing. The automated decisions are made, for example, by Udbetaling Danmark retrieving information from public registries that are compared via computer software with the information in the case and which together will determine if you are entitled to maternity/paternity benefits of unemployment benefits or if your employer is entitled to reimbursement.

Udbetaling Danmark may also process data for profiling automatically, i.e. to be able to predict certain behaviour.

You are at any time entitled to withdraw your consent allowing Udbetaling Danmark to obtain information about you. You do so by contacting Udbetaling Danmark. If you withdraw your consent, this may mean that your or your employer’s case is rejected, that you may receive less of a payout or that you can no longer receive maternity/paternity benefits, unemployment benefits or a reimbursement.

You may object to Udbetaling Danmark processing personal data about you.

You can get a copy of the information Udbetaling Danmark processes about you. You can also request:

  • to have your personal data corrected or erased
  • to have your information sent to you or someone else
  • that Udbetaling Danmark suspends the processing of your information.

Finally, you may object to Udbetaling Danmark making automated decisions.

Do you have any questions concerning your maternity/paternity benefits?

If you have any questions about your maternity/paternity benefits, your unemployment benefits or your reimbursement, you need to contact Udbetaling Danmark, Barsel.

Do you have any questions about your personal data?

If you have questions concerning Udbetaling Danmark’s processing of your personal data or if you want to exercise your rights to, for example, gain insight or the right to correct your personal data, you can contact Udbetaling Danmark, Barsel.

If you write to Barsel, please write “personal data” in the subject line.

If you are unsatisfied with the processing of your personal data

If you feel

  • that you have not gotten a satisfactory response to your request for insight into your personal data
  • that Udbetaling Danmark has not respected your rights

then you can contact the Data Protection Officer.

If you disagree with the way in which Udbetaling Danmark processes your personal data, you may submit a complaint to the Danish Data Protection Agency.

Please note that the Danish Data Protection Agency is a complaints board for matters concerning your personal data, but it does not deal with the handling of your case concerning maternity/paternity benefits, unemployment benefits or reimbursement.

If you disagree with how Udbetaling Danmark is handling your case, please contact Udbetaling Danmark, Barsel.