Has your employer been declared bankrupt or ceased operations and been declared insolvent?

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In the Danish Official Gazette, you can see if your employer has been declared bankrupt:

You must enter your employer's CVR no. in the search field 'Søg i Statstidende' (Search the Danish Official Gazette) on the right-hand side, and set 'ELLER PERIODE' (OR PERIOD) to '1 år' (1 year).

Read about what to do if your employer is not listed in the Danish Official Gazette:

You can get help from LG if your employer has ceased operations and cannot pay its debt (insolvent).

Two conditions must be met:

  1. Your employer must have ceased operations.
    See if your employer has ceased operations at Virk.dk:
    Search CVR number on Virk (new window)
  2. Your employer must also be incapable of paying your wages.

Read more about cessation of operations and insolvency: