What does LG pay in the event of bankruptcy

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  • Wages, holiday allowance or pension* for the work you have performed.
  • Wages, holiday allowance or pension* during your notice period.
  • Pension* for previous periods.
  • Payment for Sundays and public holidays.
  • Supplements (company car/phone, bonus, free choice wage account, piecework profits etc.).

*You should be aware that the delayed payment of your pension may matter if your pension plan also includes insurance cover, which is normally paid through your pension.

LG encourages you to contact your pension provider, so you know what to do in this situation.

  • Mileage allowance, subsistence allowances and entertainment expenses.
  • Costs which should have been reimbursed by your employer.
  • Compensation for lack of employment certificate.
  • Expenses if you have filed for bankruptcy.
  • G-days (first to third day of unemployment).
  • Non-competition clauses.