Educational information in Praktikplads-AUB

Here you can read more about Praktikplads-AUB's information about your education.


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The Danish labour market is short on vocationally trained workers in a number of professions. There is a need to create more work placements in the companies so that more young people and adults have the opportunity to complete a vocational training programme.

Every year, the employers are issued with a target for how many trainees they need to have employed before the end of the year. The employers who do not meet the targets must pay a contribution to Praktikplads-AUB.

If you have an official Danish certificate of education you can have your information corrected by sending your documents to AUB.

If you have a foreign diploma, the Board of Research and Education (Styrelsen for Forskning og Uddannelse (SFU)) must first assess what level your foreign education corresponds to in the Danish education system. Once you have received the assessment from SFU, send the assessment document to AUB.

You can also give a power of attorney to another (for example, your employer) so that they can change the information on your education at AUB.

Do you disagree on a decision from AUB?

If you disagree with a decision that has been made by AUB or feel that the information that AUB has based its decision on is incomplete or incorrect, you are welcome to contact AUB.

Do you want to file a complaint over a decision?

If you wish to file a complaint over a decision that AUB has made, you must send a complaint to AUB with the text “Klage til Ankenævnet for ATP”. We must receive your complaint no later than four weeks after your receipt of the decision.

AUB will evaluate your complaint and send it to the ATP Board of Appeal if we do not agree with your complaint.