Holiday allowance if you leave Denmark

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When you are no longer registered in the Civil Registration System (CPR), no longer work for a Danish employer and do not receive public benefits from Denmark, you can have all your holiday pay disbursed, even if you do not take holiday.

You must apply to have your holiday pay disbursed within 6 months of your last day of work for your Danish employer at the latest.

If you have stopped working in Denmark more than 6 months ago, you have to take you holiday in order to receive your holiday allowance.

FerieKonto will disburse all your holiday allowance if you have a NemKonto or if you have registered a Danish bank account number with FerieKonto. You can also choose to have your holiday allowance transferred to a foreign account. Please use this form.

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Please note that you can only have your money paid into a bank account in your own name. You cannot have the money paid into another person's account Also note that DKK 70 will be deducted in administration costs from the amount paid into your foreign account. Your own bank may also charge for the transaction.

Amounts of less than DKK 100 can only be paid into a Danish bank account. FerieKonto is unable to transfer amounts of less than DKK 100 to a foreign bank account and is also unable to issue the amount as a cheque cashable internationally.