How Udbetaling Danmark public benefits administration processes your personal data

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Udbetaling Danmark processes information about you whenever you are in contact with them.

In the following, you can learn more about what information Udbetaling Danmark processes, how they process it and your rights.

If you contact Udbetaling Danmark without having a case, they will register your inquiry, typically your name and phone number.

If, at a later point, you apply for or receive benefits from Udbetaling Danmark, you will receive detailed information about the type of information that is included in the processing of your case.

If you apply for or receive a benefit from Udbetaling Danmark, you consent to Udbetaling Danmark processing some of your information. This information is also called personal data.

You will receive detailed information about what type of information is included in the processing of your case.

Udbetaling Danmark may exchange information with other authorities, employers, banks, etc. when this is necessary in order to process your case.

Udbetaling Danmark processes the personal data included in your application and your case. This may include information about your address, your financial situation or your cohabitation status, which they retrieve from e.g. the Danish National Register, the Danish Customs and Tax Administration or your bank. Udbetaling Danmark only retrieves and processes information necessary for processing your case. The purpose is to ensure that you get the benefits to which you are entitled.

Udbetaling Danmark processes your information based on the Act on Udbetaling Danmark – Public Benefits Administration and other acts.

When Udbetaling Danmark processes your case, they may disclose information about you to other public authorities, foreign authorities and private individuals, who are entitled to receive the information under the law, or with whom they cooperate.

To process your case, Udbetaling Danmark may obtain, share and correlate some information without asking you first.

Udbetaling Danmark may:

  • share information with the municipal authorities with a view to recalculating, offsetting, performing other follow-up or checking the payment of benefits, you may not be entitled to.
  • obtain information from other authorities and unemploy-ment funds if this is necessary to decide your case, and we can ask the municipal authorities to check your wage and salary payments.
  • obtain information from other authorities, employers, banks, etc. in cases concerning repayments if this is necessary to process the case.

If Udbetaling Danmark or the municipal authorities have set up a case to check whether you are entitled to other benefits, they may share the necessary information about your case, e.g. the matter under investigation, and the steps taken so far. This also applies to cases which have been closed within the past six months.

So as to establish whether you are entitled to receive the relevant benefits, Udbetaling Danmark may correlate its own information with any necessary non-sensitive personal data from other Danish or foreign authorities and unemployment funds. In certain cases, the results may be correlated with information from PostNord or other postal operators.

If Udbetaling Danmark discloses information about you to an authority in a third country, it will do so based on current legislation and to ensure that your payments are or have been correct.

Udbetaling Danmark saves your information during the processing of your case and, in most cases, erases it five years after the case is closed. The information is saved following the closing of the case due to rules in the Danish Limitation Act and the Danish Archiving Act, etc.

Udbetaling Danmark may make decisions that are solely based on automated processing. The automated decisions are made by e.g. Udbetaling Danmark obtaining information from public registers that is correlated automatically with information in your case and which together determines whether you are entitled to the relevant benefit.

Udbetaling Danmark may also process data for profiling automatically, i.e. to be able to predict certain behaviour.

You are at any time entitled to withdraw your consent allow-ing Udbetaling Danmark to obtain information about you. You do so by contacting Udbetaling Danmark. If you withdraw your consent, you may receive a rejection, get smaller payments or no longer be entitled to the relevant benefit.

You may object to Udbetaling Danmark processing personal data about you.  You can get a copy of the information Udbetaling Danmark processes about you. You can also request:

  • to have your personal data corrected or erased
  • to have your information sent to you or someone else
  • that Udbetaling Danmark suspends the processing of your information. 

Finally, you may object to Udbetaling Danmark making automated decisions. If you have any questions as to how Udbetaling Danmark processes your personal data, please contact the Data Protection Officer.

 If you disagree with the way in which Udbetaling Danmark processes your personal data, you may submit a complaint to the Danish Data Protection Agency.

Please note that the Danish Data Protection Agency is only a complaints body in respect of the processing of your personal data and not the handling of your benefits case. If you disagree with how Udbetaling Danmark is handling your benefits case, please contact Udbetaling Danmark.