Job change and unemployment

If you lose your job, help and assistance is available from a Danish job centre

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A total of 91 job centres are placed throughout all of Denmark. Basically, there is one job centre in each municipality in Denmark.

In each job centre, you will find free access to computers as well as information on how to find a job in Denmark. Please take special notice that the job centres do not have the capacity to translate CVs or job vacancies. The concept is self-service, which means that the job centres provide resources enabling you to find work, and an IT system to advertise job vacancies for employers by using a job and CV database called "Jobnet".

This can be accessed through the job centre computers or via the following website:

To see a map of Danish job centres (all names are in Danish):

In contrast to other forms of social security in Denmark, the Danish unemployment insurance system is a voluntary insurance scheme. It means that you are not automatically insured against unemployment.

If you want to be insured against unemployment when working in Denmark, you have to join a Danish unemployment insurance fund. Once you have joined an unemployment insurance fund, you must pay contributions.

An unemployment insurance policy is taken out from an unemployment insurance fund, also known as an "A-kasse". These are private associations.

If you become unemployed as a member of an unemployment insurance fund, you will under certain conditions receive unemployment benefits. You can contact an unemployment insurance fund within your field of work and get more information about membership and your rights.

You are only eligible to receive unemployment benefits when you have been member of an unemployment insurance fund for at least 12 months. The amount of time that you have been insured in your home country may be recognized if you remember to submit documentation for this to your Danish “A-kasse” within 8 weeks after arrival to Denmark.”

You choose whether you want to join an interdisciplinary unemployment insurance fund or an unemployment insurance fund which operates within specific occupational fields.

It is also possible to be a member of an unemployment insurance fund if you are a self-employed person.

To see a list of Danish unemployment insurance funds: