Report undesirable effects from the use of non-cosmetic products

If you have experienced discomfort by a non-cosmetic product, you can report it to the competent authority

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A non-cosmetic product is an everyday product that is not a cosmetic product. A non-cosmetic product can be several things, for instance: textiles, detergents, toys, paint, proofing substances etc. 

The definition of a non-cosmetic products is as such very wide.

Any end user, e.g. consumer in Denmark, that have experienced discomfort related to the use of a non-cosmetic product, can make a report. 

Your report is used by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency to assess, whether or not to further regulate certain non-cosmetic products or substances (toxicovigilance).

Furthermore, the report is used by the Authority for statistical purposes, and to assess, whether it is necessary to further inform the public about the use of certain non-cosmetic products.

After submitting you report, you should not expect to hear from the agency.

You will only be contacted  if there are things in your report, which are unclear, or if there is a need for elaboration on certain aspects of the report. The Authority can contact you via telephone or by mail, to get a clarification.

Your report is not public available.

The company who is responsible for the manufacturing of the product is notified of the report, but all personal information is made anonymous. 

Last updated: 01 August 2022