Test and student plans

Tests and student plans are to help evaluate whether students are getting enough out of teaching

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National tests are compulsory and broken down into the following year groups and subjects:

  • Year 2: Danish (reading)
  • Year 3: Mathematics
  • Year 4: Danish (reading) and English
  • Year 6: Danish (reading) and mathematics
  • Year 7: English
  • Year 8: Danish (reading), mathematics and physics/chemistry

The aim of national tests is to strengthen the evaluation culture in primary and lower-secondary schools and to have a uniform tool that can evaluate across the country.

Information on test results is confidential, except for reporting results at national level. The tests are not covered by the law on open administration and therefore you cannot seek access to the results.

All students in a primary and lower-secondary school must have a student plan. The school uses the student plan for the systematic evaluation and monitoring of each student's educational achievement.

The aim is to improve the student's achievement. The student plan should be digital and it should contain the student's future learning goals, the status of the goals, and the monitoring to be carried out by the teacher and the student, and possibly the home.

Typically, both the student and the teacher evaluate the student in a number of areas. The student plan is then examined by the class teacher and the parents.

Further information on student plans in primary and lower-secondary schools is on the website of the Ministry of Children and Education:

If you have lost your leaving/examination certificate from a primary and lower-secondary school, you can obtain a copy by using the self-service solution.

You can obtain a copy only if the leaving/examination certificate is from after 2008/09, and has been digitally archived by the school in question. If that is not so, contact the school.

If you wish to appeal the result of the test or the information in a student plan, you can contact the school principal.

Last updated: 25 November 2021