About Welcome September

Welcome to events all over Denmark tailored for international talent, considering or already living in Denmark.

Municipalities, state authorities, business organisations, student organisations, business regions and associations have joined forces to create Welcome September.  

Welcome September is part of Talent to a Green Denmark – a national initiative aimed towards the attraction, reception and retention of international talent to Denmark. 

Talent to a Green Denmark is funded by the European Social Fund and Danmarks Erhvervsfremmebestyrelse. 

Press contact – for inquiries about Welcome September:

Rikke Harboe
E: rhar@aalborg.dk
M: +45 99 31 15 30

Anne Eg Jensen
E: anej@aarhus.dk
M: +45 41 87 22 85

Ilka Wolter
E: V97V@kk.dk
M: +45 20 53 70 74