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The regional transport authorities on travel guarantee when using local or light rail trains

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A travel time guarantee means a refund of the cost of alternative transport, including taxi when granted by Arriva, when delay or failing to stop causes waiting time beyond 30 minutes.

Two kinds of travel time guarantee are offered namely “pendler rejsetidsgaranti” (for commuters) and “basis rejsetidsgaranti” for a single delay.
In order to qualify for “pendler rejsetidsguarantee” one has to register one’s commuter route.

Specifically for travelers on Vestbanen operated by Arriva:
In case Vestbanen is delayed, Arriva will cover expenses for a taxi or driving your own car. The travel guarantee covers up to 50 km. To be applied for.

”Basis rejsetidsgaranti” you can apply for when arrival at your destination station is more than 30 minutes delayed.

“Pendler rejsetidsgaranti” compensates you for delays of more than 5 minutes and is calculated quarterly as an average of the trains running on the route registered by the individual commuter.

For “pendler rejsetidsgaranti” compensation is monetary. Application demanded.

For “basis rejsetidsgaranti” compensation is either monetary or in the form of a new ticket for the same route as the original trip at the travelers discretion. Application demanded. 

For further information about travel time guarantee with Arriva:

For complete information and enquiries concerning journeys by regional or light rail train:

North Jutland: NT Customer Centre

Tel. (+45) 98 11 11 11

Central Jutland: Midttrafik Customer Centre

Tel. (+45) 70 21 02 30

South Jutland: Sydtrafik Customer Centre

Tel. (+45) 70 10 44 10, E-mail:

Zealand: DOT Customer Centre

Tel. (+45) 70 15 70 00

Last updated: 02 December 2021