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Read more and self-services is part of the common public portal in Denmark called presents public information and self-service. is the English site/content of It has its own URL so that the content can be marketed directly to the target groups of foreigners who come to Denmark to work.

The texts on the site are maintained by the editors of as well as a number of public authorities. is updated on an ongoing basis in connection with legislative changes, etc. and efforts are made to ensure that all texts are updated and correct. is, however, of an informative nature and not a legal work of reference to rely on. is not liable for misinformation as a result of errors in programmes, calculation errors, transmission errors and the like. Similarly, is not liable for damages as a result of the use of

The English texts on are selected practical subjects that relate to the public sector and are relevant to consider if you are going to Denmark to work. The site is not a one-to-one translation of the Danish texts on

The following authorities contribute to the content of the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Educational Support (, the Danish Agency for Labour Retention and International Recruitment, SKAT (Danish Customs and Tax Administration), ATP (Danish Labour Market Supplementary Pension Scheme), the Consortium for Global Talent, the City of Copenhagen, Regional State Administrations, International Citizen Service, Local Government Denmark (LGDK), the Agency for Digitisation (NemID), the City of Aarhus, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, etc.