Overview of contributions to ATP Livslang Pension (MitID)

Here you can get an overview of your ATP Livslang Pension.

  • see how much you have contributed and how much you can expect to get in ATP Livslang Pension
  • calculate your pension
  • postpone your pension You can at the earliest postpone your pension 11 months before you reach the Danish state retirement age and at the latest 5 months after the payments have begun. It will, however, be a requirement that the paid out pension is repaid
  • register your common-law partner
  • see how much will be paid when you die.

Tip: This self-service is available with the Danish electronic ID MitID. If you are from an EU/EEA country, you can use the self-service for non-Danish eIDs below.

How to

  • Click [Start]
  • You must log in with a Danish MitID
  • The page that you enter is in Danish
  • To see the page in English, click 'Printvenlig version' and then click on the flag at the top left of the page

You can see the contribution overview in English if you press “In English” at the top of the overview. It is only the contribution overview that has an English translation.

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