ATP-pension abroad (MitID)

Here you can: 

  • start the payment of your ATP Livslang Pension (Lifelong Pension). You can start the payment once you have reached the Danish state retirement age
  • register or change your address
  • register of change your bank details. Please note that if ATP needs to transfer money to a foreign account, there will be deducted a fee of up to DKK 4.95 per payment. ATP does not charge fees for transfers to Danish banks. Please also note that your bank abroad may also charge a fee.

Tip: This self-service is available with the Danish electronic ID MitID. If you are from an EU/EEA country, you can use the self-service for non-Danish eIDs below.

How to

  • Click 'Start'
  • Login with MitID (a Danish digital signature) 

If you choose to start your pension, a receipt will be shown on the screen. You will get a letter when you are paid the first amount.

Contact info