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If you select a municipality, you will see the content from the chosen municipality

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When visiting you have 2 options:

  1. You can choose the municipality you live in. You will find this option on all pages with self-services.
  2. You can visit any page on the website as an anonymous user without selecting a municipality. 

You will benefit the most from if you select a municipality as it allows you to see the self-service options that apply to you in your municipality. As an anonymous user, your experience might not meet your specific needs. 

If you do not select a municipality on pages with self-service options, you will not be able to see the contact information for your particular municipality. And you will not see the content that your municipality may have added to the pages on

Furthermore, all self-services that apply to a specific page will be displayed on the page – not just the self-services from your municipality.

You select a municipality by clicking on the button 'Select municipality'. The button is placed on all pages with online self-services on Once you have selected a municipality, you can see the self-services that this particular municipality offers. You can also see the content which the particular municipality may have added. 

If you have moved abroad, you are listed in the CPR register in the last municipality you lived in in Denmark. So that is the municipality you select.

If you request access to your documents from a municipality you used to live in, please select that municipality. 

In order for you to select a municipality and for to show you the relevant self-services, you need to accept cookies in your browser. 

Read more about the use of cookies via the following link:

Last updated: 12 January 2024