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When you contact Seniorpension, the administration is obliged as a public authority to register and save your personal data.

This Policy for protection of personal data provides information on how Senior Pension handles your personal data and your rights in relation to the same.

When you apply for or receive Senior Pension, you automatically consent to Seniorpension processing some information about you. This information is called personal data.

Seniorpension processes the data included in your application and your case. This may include information about:

  • Social security number 
  • Citizenship, refugee status and residence
  • Employment and income 
  • Health

This is information that Seniorpension retrieves or receives from you, the municipality, Udbetaling Danmark, Danish Custom and Tax Administration, ATP, the Region’s clinical function, hospitals, doctors and information from registers such as Danish National Register, Central Business Register, etc.

We process your data based on the Danish Act on Senior Pension and other acts.

When we process your case, we may disclose data about you to other public authorities, foreign authorities and private individuals who, by law, are entitled to receive the data, or with whom we cooperate.

Seniorpension saves your information during the processing of your case and, in most cases, erases it five years from the year in which your case closed. The information is saved following the closing of the case due to the law of Danish Limitation Act and the Danish Archiving Act, etc.

When you contact Seniorpension by phone, you might be asked for permission to record the conversation. The recording will only be used for training purposes and customer experience improvement. The conversation will only be recorded if you give us your permission to do so. All recorded conversations will be deleted after two months. You can always contact Seniorpension, if you wish to have the recording deleted sooner.

You can always withdraw your consent. You can do it by contacting Seniorpension.

If you withdraw your consent, your application may get rejected or you might no longer be entitled to receive the relevant benefit. You may object to Seniorpension processing personal data about you. 

You can always get a copy of the information Seniorpension processes about you. You can also request:

  • to have your personal data corrected or erased
  • to have your information sent to you or someone else that
  • Seniorpension suspends the processing of your information. 

Finally, you may object to Seniorpension making automated decisions. If you have any questions as to how Seniorpension processes your personal data, please contact the Data Protection Officer.

If you disagree with the way in which Seniorpension processes your personal data, you may submit a complaint to the Danish Data Protection Agency.

Please note that the Danish Data Protection Agency is only a complaints body in respect of the processing of your personal data and not the handling of your benefits case. If you disagree with how Seniorpension is handling your benefits case, please contact Seniorpension.

You can read more in: 

  • Danish Legal Protection Act § 10, § 11, stk. 1, § 11 a, stk. 1-5, § 11 b, § 12, nr. 1 og 3
  • Lov om seniorpensionsenheden  
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  • Databeskyttelsesforordningen og databeskyttelsesloven