Temporary or permanent import of a motor vehicle

Registration tax must be paid on all cars and other motor vehicles in Denmark

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All cars, motorcycles and other motor vehicles must normally be registered in the Register of Motor Vehicles (Motorregistret). In most cases, tax (registration tax) must be paid before the car is registered.

In addition, either vehicle weight tax or green vehicle tax must be paid on a regular basis.

If you move to Denmark and have a car with foreign number plates, you must register the car in Denmark no later than 30 days after moving here.

If you stay in Denmark for less than 185 days within a period of 12 months, you may drive a car with foreign number plates without paying Danish registration tax.

Instead, you must pay the tax in your country of residence.

You must normally pay registration tax on imported cars and motorcycles – both new and used. This applies irrespective of whether the vehicle comes from an EU country or elsewhere.

All motor vehicles must normally be registered and have Danish number plates. This also applies to some mopeds and most tractors.

It is normally the dealer who obtains the number plates for new cars (new from the factory).

You can buy number plates for used vehicles from a number plate provider or from one of the offices of the Danish Motor Vehicle Agency.

If the rear number plate is completely or partially covered – for example if you are transporting a bicycle – you must have an extra number plate to display at the rear. This third number plate has red letters and numbers.

You must always have a registration certificate (Danish or foreign) when you own a vehicle.

If you do not have a registration certificate, you cannot obtain number plates or change the owner of the vehicle.

You can deregister your vehicle by handing in the number plates to a number plate provider or to one of the offices of the Danish Motor Vehicle Agency.  

The police can confiscate number plates if:   

  • the vehicle weight tax has not been paid on time
  • the insurance lapses
  • the vehicle fails an inspection

If you leave the country and deregister from the Danish National Register, you need to deregister your vehicle as well.  

If you export and deregister your vehicle, you can apply for a refund of the registration tax. You do this by registering the vehicle for export.  

Last updated: 11 October 2023