Application for education allowance

The education allowance is an allowance paid between parents who do not live together and who have a child in education in the 18-24 age range. The allowance is paid by the non-resident parent.

If the child does not live with either parent, the parent with care responsibility may apply for the allowance.

If the child has an income exceeding DKK 7,000 per month in 2024, the parent may not be eligible for an education allowance. The DKK 7,000 includes any SU (State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme payments).

Both the income of the contributing parent and that of the child affect whether an education allowance will be granted. If, for example, you have 2 children, you may be required to pay the allowance if you earn more than DKK 500,000 per year (2024). You may read more about the criteria for education allowance on the Familieretshuset (the Agency of Family Law) home page.

How to

Please fill out the application, sign it with MitID and submit it digitally. Note that if Familieretshuset has previously handled a case relating to education allowance, a fee must be paid together with the application.

Once you have completed the application, signed using MitID, the case is entered into the Familieretshuset system.

Once you have completed and submitted the application, it may be 24 hours before you receive confirmation through Digital Post that it has been entered into the system.