Agreement to change custody between parents

If you as parents agree, you can decide, which of you will have custody of your child.

In the self-service, you can report the following changes of custody of your child:

  • Agreement on joint custody
  • Agreement on termination of joint custody
  • Agreement on transfer of custody from one parent to the other.

How to

The self-service is primarily in Danish. 

  • If you know the civil registration number (CPR number) and email address of the other parent, you can forward the form to the other parent to sign digitally. This requires that the other parent has MitID.
  • Once you have completed the form, you can print and save the form with your details.
  • You will receive a receipt by email when you have submitted the form.

You must have the following information and documents ready to use the self-service:

  • Your CPR number and email address
  • CPR number and email address of the other parent if you want to send the form to them to sign digitally
  • The child/children's CPR numbers
  • Documentation of who currently has custody.