Applying for a contribution in relation to confirmation or clothing contribution

If you, as parents, are not living together when the child is to be confirmed, the parent who bears the expenses for the child's confirmation has the option of having the other parent cover part of the confirmation expenses. If it is you who bears the expenses, then it is you who may possibly receive a confirmation/clothing contribution from the child's other parent.

You can also apply for a contribution if the child chooses not to be confirmed. The confirmation/clothing contribution is a lump sum which is set at DKK 4,110 (2024).

There are a number of criteria which determine whether you can obtain a contribution. You can find out more on the Agency of Family Law's website under confirmation contribution.

The Agency of Family Law cannot set the contribution if the other party has died or if the child's paternity has not been legally established.

How to

You must complete, sign with MitID, and submit the application digitally. 

When you have completed the application signed by MitID, the case will be opened at the Agency of Family Law.

Once you have completed and submitted the application, it may take up to 24 hours before you receive a receipt in Digital Post.