Access Digital Post with non-Danish eID

 This page is only for citizens with an eID from another EU/EEA country.

In Denmark, public authorities send most mail digitally. In order to receive your mail digitally, you need to access Digital Post with an EU/EEA digital, electronic ID, also called eID.

If you do not have a permanent residence in Denmark but a civil registration number (CPR number), you have the option to voluntarily register for Digital Post.

If you register for Digital Post, you are legally obligated to read Digital Post from Danish public authorities.

If you are unable to receive Digital Post in the future, you can request to be exempt from Digital Post and, instead, receive mail from public authorities as ordinary letter mail. 

How to

Follow these 2 steps in order to gain access to Digital Post with a non-Danish eID:

1. First, connect your non-Danish eID with your Danish CPR number

2. Secondly, set up your Digital Post inbox

  • Log in with your eID by clicking the button ‘Continue with non-Danish eID’ above the how to-manual on this page (you need to have finished step 1 and connected your eID with your CPR number).
  • Follow the instructions to set up your Digital Post inbox.

Do you need help?

If you need help with Digital Post, please contact the Digital Post support team. If you have problems logging in with your non-Danish eID, please contact the eID support team in the Agency for Digital Government.

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