Digital Post

If you have a Danish CPR number you receive Digital Post from public authorities

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You automatically receive Digital Post from the Danish healthcare sector, Danish governmental authorities, and your municipality - log in at

Digital Post from public authorities is the same type of letters that you already receive from the authorities. Digital Post includes any letters from hospital, pension statements, information about state education support (SU), changes to housing benefits, replies to applications for childcare, letters from the Danish Tax and Customs Administration (SKAT), etc.

In order to access your Digital Post, it is necessary to log on with the digital signature, NemID, which is a single login for public websites, online banking and many other websites and services. If you do not have NemID, you can order it on or simply go to your local citizen service centre (borgerservice). Please remember to bring valid ID.

It is your responsibility to open and read your Digital Post. If you do not check your Digital Post regularly, you may not see post that requires action. Your Digital Post may contain decisions and notifications that require your attention.

Not all post from public authorities can be sent digitally. Therefore, you still need to check your paper-based letters (letters in your physical letter box).

You can give one or more people access to read your Digital Post. You can grant reading access to others when you are logged on to or You can also get help to do this at the citizen service centre (borgerservice).

In order to grant other people reading access you must:

  • know the civil registration number of the person who is to be allowed access
  • choose which post the person is to be able to read
  • write a password and give it to the person to whom you want to grant access.

Individuals can be exempted from Digital Post. If they are unable to communicate digitally, they will continue to receive and send post in a non-digital manner. Exemption from Digital Post may be applied for at the citizen service centre (borgerservice). Individuals can be exempted from receiving Digital Post if they meet at least one of the following grounds for exemption:

  • suffer from a disability that prevents them from receiving post digitally
  • do not have access to a computer with sufficient Internet connection in their home
  • are registered as having left Denmark permanently
  • are homeless
  • have language difficulties
  • have practical difficulties in obtaining NemID.
Last updated: 17 January 2022