Create your own agreement

A parent who does not live with the child must continue to participate in the child’s maintenance. If you agree on your child's maintenance, you can make an agreement yourself.

Child support agreements can be an advantage, because you can tailor an agreement on child support that fits exactly to your situation. You can, for example, agree on a fixed monthly child allowance that is higher than what the Agency of Family Law [Familieretshuset] would stipulate.

The Agency of Family Law recommends that an agreement is in writing and that the preconditions are clearly stated in the agreement. It is also important that you take into account what should happen to the contribution when certain predictable events occur. That way you both know what to expect and adjust to it.

How to

The Agency of Family Law recommends that you use the Agency of Family Law’s agreement form when you make an agreement about child support. Print the form in duplicate. Complete both forms by hand, write the date on and finally sign both copies of the agreement. You must each keep a copy of the agreement.