Apply for stranger adoption

You can apply for approval as an adopter by completing an adoption form.

As a rule, you must use the Agency of Family Law's digital forms where you log in and sign using your MitID.

If you are exempted from Digital Post in the public sector, please print off the forms, which you will find here on the Agency of Family Law's website.

How to

When you complete the application, you must attach the following documents:

  • health declaration
  • health certificate – completed by your doctor
  • statement of assets and liabilities
  • birth and baptism certificate
  • marriage certificate
  • tax certificate – available via the Tax Authority (SKAT) self-solution button when using MitID at
  • debt certificate from the State – available by calling the Debt Agency on +45 7015 73 04
  • statement of arrears from your municipality - available by phoning the municipality's Citizens Service

Guidance on making a complaint

You may lodge a complaint about the Joint Adoption Council's decision with the Adoption Board.

The complaint must be sent within 6 months of the joint council's decision. You must send the complaint to the Agency of Family Law or via email (see further details on the website). The Agency of Family Law will forward the complaint to the Adoption Board together with the case files.