Acknowledgement of paternity

The ‘Acknowledgement of paternity’ form is used to acknowledge paternity of a child you have with a woman you are not married to. You must complete one form for each child if you have twins.

You may wish to request a DNA test before acknowledging paternity. 

Acknowledgement of paternity will result in shared custody under the following circumstances:

  • The parents have or have had a joint address registered with the Danish national population register during the 10 months prior to the birth of the child.
  • The parents were married to each other during the 10 months prior to the birth of the child (that is, they were divorced when the child was born)
  • The parents were separated when the child was born.

Acknowledgement of paternity will not lead to joint custody under other circumstances. You and the mother may agree to have joint custody.

How to

Complete the form and sign it using MitID to submit your application electronically.

You will need the following information and documents to complete the request:

  • Name and, where possible, the CPR number and address of the mother.
  • If one or both of you was born before 1960 or abroad: birth certificate(s) or certificate(s) of baptism, birth and name certificate(s) or other similar documentation.
  • If the mother’s marital status has been changed by a foreign authority: certificate or other similar documentation.

If you use the paper version of the form, a witness must confirm that your signature is genuine and that the date is correct. You must therefore sign the form on the same day in the presence of the witness.

The mother of the child cannot sign the form as a witness.