Apply for extra leave with maternity/paternity benefits (MitID)

In some situations, you have the opportunity to apply for extra leave if your child was born or received by adoption from 2 August 2022.This applies in situations where:

  • you are a solo parent
  • you have sole custody of the child
  • the other parent passed away before birth
  • the other parent is an employee and cannot look after the child alone
  • the other parent is not entitled to maternity benefit from Denmark
  • the other parent cannot assign leave to you.

Please note that your child must have been born and you must be a registered parent before you can apply for extra leave.In the self-service you can read about the conditions for applying, as well as what documentation you need to send. 

How to

  • Click 'Start'
  • You must log in with a Danish MitID

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