NemID is closed from 31 October 2023

NemID is closed from 31 October 2023

NemID was closed on 31 October 2023. This means that you can no longer acquire or use NemID. Therefore, you can confidently dispose of your NemID key card. The NemID key app will not automatically uninstall on your phone or tablet, which means that you have to delete or uninstall it yourself.   

Use MitID

You can get MitID in several ways, either by scanning your passport in the MitID app or by visiting Citizen Service (borgerservice).

For users of NemID for business

All companies, authorities and organisations that use NemID for business (Employee Signature), need to switch to MitID Business.

Read more about MitID for business:

NemID was launched in 2010 in a unique partnership between the state and the Danish banking sector. Since then it has been the citizen's and companies' secure login to public and private digital self-services.

The Agency of Digital Government has gradually phased out the NemID solution. Since 30 October 2022, citizens have not been able to use NemID for online banking or online shopping, and since 30 June 2023 the service of NemID has been limited. Consequently, Citizen Service has not been able to issue new NemID's or to support citizens by phone. 

NemID was permanently closed on 31 October 2023 and can no longer be used. 

The Danish national eID, MitID, is every resident’s personal key to digital services in Denmark, including self-services provided by the public sector.

In Denmark, your contact with the public authorities and many private companies starts on the internet. In a large number of areas, you are obliged to use digital self-service.

In order to access digital self-services, you need MitID which is your personal digital ID for login and digital signature. It allows citizens to access their public services 24 hours a day.

In the public sector this applies, for example, when you:

  • change your address
  • apply for childcare
  • see your tax
  • choose a doctor
  • read your Digital Post
  • leave Denmark.

You can get MitID through the MitID app if you have a Danish passport and access to a smartphone. 

You can also apply for MitID by booking an appointment at your local municipality’s Citizen Service.

If you do not have MitID and, for instance, have received a summons from your hospital that you need to read immediately, you should contact your local municipality’s Citizen Service and apply for MitID.

It is important that you bring valid identification in order to receive MitID.

Last updated: 16 April 2024