Order the blue European Health Insurance Card

Here you can order the blue European Health Insurance Card. The card is free.

You can order cards for your children (under 18 years), if they live at the same address as you. If you need a card for your spouse, please call Udbetaling Danmark.

You will normally receive the card at within 2-3 weeks.

When you apply for the card you will automatically receive a temporary certificate in your Digital Post.

Please remember that you still must use your Yellow Health Insurance Card, when you visit your doctor in Denmark.

This application is only available in Danish.

How to

  1. Click ‘Start’
  2. Log in with MitID (a Danish digital signature)
  3. Check that your information is correct
  4. Tell us for what purpose you will use the card for
  5. Fill in the empty fields and select which family members you want to apply for if you are applying for the card on their behalf.

You will receive a printable confirmation letter in your Digital Post, where you can see all the information that you have given us.

Are you a pensioner living abroad?

Please note – if you are a pensioner living abroad and you receive Danish pension then you must apply for the Blue European Health Insurance Card as a pensioner living abroad.

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