Change and access your preliminary income assessment

Your preliminary income assessment is kind of your current income and tax budget for the present year. It tells you about your expected income, tax deductions and allowances and the tax rate used by your employer to withhold tax. You can see and change your preliminary income assessment in E-tax.

How to

  • E-tax (in Danish 'TastSelv') is our online self-service system. When you log on to E-tax, you can manage your tax affairs when it is convenient for you.
  • Log on to E-tax using your MitID or E-tax password. We recommend that you log on using your MitID. You can receive a text message or email notification, when your tax assessment notice or preliminary income assessment is ready.
  • In E-tax, you will also find all the tax information that the Danish Tax Agency (Skattestyrelsen) holds about you, and which is used to calculate your tax. This is information that we have received from for example your employer, bank, trade union and pension provider.
  • Please note that E-tax is in Danish.

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