Most insurances are voluntary in Denmark but few types are mandatory by law

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In Denmark, the employers are obligated to take out occupational injury insurance. You are covered by your employer’s insurance in connection with your job. Employer’s insurance does not cover your leisure time.

Unemployment insurance is, unlike in many other countries, voluntary in Denmark. You can choose to register with an unemployment insurance fund (“A-kasse”).

In Denmark, 3 insurances are mandatory by law:

  • Liability insurance if you own a motor vehicle
  • A dog insurance if you have a dog
  • Insurance against fire if you own real estate.

All other private insurances are voluntary. For instance basic family insurance ('familiens basisforsikring' or 'indboforsikring') that in most cases consists of:

  • contents insurance covering personal property in the event of theft, fire, or water damage
  • personal liability insurance
  • legal protection, covering lawyer expenses for certain legal matters.

In addition, it can be reassuring to have a private accident insurance. In Denmark, social security is covered by the Danish state, but as a supplement there are private health insurances. Read more at the section on healthcare.

The insurance premium can vary from one insurance company to another. Generally, insurance papers in Denmark are only available in Danish.

Last updated: 04 April 2024