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A fraud report is when information about a person's circumstances is sent to Udbetaling Danmark because the information can have an impact on the benefit or benefits the reported person receives from Udbetaling Danmark.

If Udbetaling Danmark receives a claim about you that can affect your benefits, you will receive a letter stating that you have been reported. Udbetaling Danmark will enclose the claim in the letter and advise you of any additional information they need from you.

Udbetaling Danmark will then check if you are still eligible to receive benefits from Udbetaling Danmark. This is done by comparing the information that you have provided with the information in the registries they already have access to.

You can provide information yourself

You will receive a letter when Udbetaling Danmark has verified your details. If the information you have provided and the information Udbetaling Danmark can see does not match, you will be given the opportunity to provide additional information. This may include your views on any differences. If you meet all the requirements to continue receiving benefits, you will receive a letter from Udbetaling Danmark advising that they won’t investigate the matter any further.

You will be notified as soon as possible when Udbetaling Danmark receives a claim about you. This is because you are entitled to know that Udbetaling Danmark has received information about you. You also have the right to know all the information received by Udbetaling Danmark, as well as the information they have on the person who reported you.

You are not suspected of anything illegal just because Udbetaling Danmark has received a claim about you, and you do not automatically lose the right to receive benefits.

This is how the process might go if you get reported

  1. Udbetaling Danmark receives a claim
  2. You will receive a letter from Udbetaling Danmark regarding the claim
  3. You have the opportunity to explain your situation to Udbetaling Danmark
  4. Udbetaling Danmark will investigate and gather information about your situation
  5. You will be heard before Udbetaling Danmark makes a decision
  6. You will receive the decision by letter

If you have been reported, you have the right to know all the information that Udbetaling Danmark has on the case.

If Udbetaling Danmark knows the name, address or telephone number of the person who provided the information about you, it will be in the letter you receive. If Udbetaling Danmark does not disclose who has provided this information, it is because they do not know who the person is.

As a public authority, Udbetaling Danmark has an obligation to ensure that benefits are paid to citizens based on the right information. That is why Udbetaling Danmark verifies that the information they have is correct.

When you claim a public benefit, you are obliged to inform Udbetaling Danmark of any changes that may affect the payment of the benefits you receive.

You will always be contacted when Udbetaling Danmark verifies your information

You will always be contacted if Udbetaling Danmark considers there to be changes that affect your benefits. That gives you the opportunity to provide information that will be included in the overall assessment of what you can receive in benefits from Udbetaling Danmark.

Udbetaling Danmark can receive information from individuals as well as from other authorities and organisations. Udbetaling Danmark can also receive information automatically from the resident register (folkeregistret), non-sensitive personal data from other authorities and match this information with the benefit information already held by Udbetaling Danmark. This may be information with regards to income from the Tax Agency, amongst other things.

Udbetaling Danmark sends letters in Danish

All letters sent from Udbetaling Danmark are in Danish. Therefore, it may be a good idea to have a friend or acquaintance translate the letters if you do not understand Danish. You are also always welcome to call Udbetaling Danmark if you have any questions or need assistance.

If you have questions or need assistance, you can contact Udbetaling Danmark, Helhedsorienteret kontrol (benefits validation system).

Call Helhedsorienteret Kontrol: (+45) 70 12 80 66

Table: Opening hours
Day of the week Opening hours
Monday to Wednesday 08.00-16.00
Thursday 08.00-18.00
Friday 08.00-15.00
Saturday and Sunday Closed

Write to Helhedsorienteret Kontrol

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Udbetaling Danmark, Helhedsorienteret kontrol
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Last updated: 15 August 2023