Municipal primary and lower secondary school tests

School tests aims to document the degree to which pupils meet the objectives and requirements for various school subjects

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The municipal primary and lower secondary school tests are the following:

8th grade

In 8th grade (school year 9), you must take a test in a mandatory practical/musical elective. That elective can be home economics, crafts and design, visual arts, or music. The results of that test will be included in the pass requirement for the municipal primary and lower secondary school leaving examination.

9th grade

In 9th grade (school year 10), you must take 7 mandatory tests, of which 5 are on core subjects and 2 on randomly selected subjects. The 5 on core subjects are: written and oral Danish, written mathematics, oral English, and a combined oral test in physics/chemistry, biology, and geography. The Ministry of Children and Education draws the 2 random tests that you must take: 1 from the humanities (written English, written German/French/oral German/French, history, social sciences, and religion) and 1 from the sciences (written biology, geography, and physics/chemistry, oral mathematics, and physical education). You will be told which tests have been drawn for you 5 days before the written tests begin.

10th grade 

In 10th year (school year 11) you can take tests in Danish, mathematics, English, physics/chemistry, German, and French.

You or your parents must notify your illness to the school as soon as possible. If you have been prevented from completing a test due to illness, for example, you must take a new test as soon as possible.

If you arrive late, the Head of your school will decide whether you can take the test, or if you have to take it at a later date/time.

If you have lost your municipal primary and lower secondary school leaving/test certificate, you can get a copy of it through the self-service.

However, you can only do so if the leaving/test certificate is from after 2008/09 and has been digitally archived by the school in question. If that is not the case, then you have to contact the school.

You can file an appeal against the test process, including the internal and external examiners’ decisions and grading of the test.

If you wish to file an appeal against the municipal primary and lower secondary school’s tests, you must contact the head of the school, who will assess whether there are grounds for your appeal. If so, then they can decide that you may take a new test or that your test shall be regraded.

Last updated: 30 April 2024