ICS: International Citizen Service

What is ICS?

International Citizen Service is a nationwide service for newcomers staying for more than 3 months. ICS is a coordinating cooperation between all the relevant Danish authorities. At ICS, you can get the necessary paperwork done.

The registration process in steps at ICS, if you stay in Denmark for more than 3 months

Nordic citizens 

  1. Apply for a CPR number
  2. Apply for tax card

EU/EEA/Swiss citizens

  1. Apply for EU residence document
  2. When you have received the EU residence document, you can apply for a CPR number
  3. Apply for tax card

Non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens

  1. Apply for a residence and work permit
  2. When you have received your residence and work permit, you can apply for CPR number
  3. Apply for tax card 

Please note that the registration procedures vary from one ICS centre to another, so please check the exact registration procedure on each centre’s page.

Where can you find ICS?

ICS is located in Copenhagen, Esbjerg, Aalborg, Odense, Sønderborg and Aarhus. Services, opening hours and contact information at each centre can be found at the page of each centre.

The authorities that are part of ICS:

  • The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration – SIRI
  • The local municipal administration

Your stay is shorter than 3 months

If you are a Nordic or EU/EEA/Swiss citizen and work in Denmark for less than 3 months, all you need is a tax card. The tax card must be ordered at the Danish Tax and Custom Administration’s website.

Get a tax card as a non-Danish employee