Working as a Technical responsible person (electric installations)

Apply and be approved to work as a technically responsible person in Denmark

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An authorized company or a company with company approval within the electrical installations must employ a technically responsible person who must be approved by the Danish Safety Technology Authority. The technically responsible person must be affiliated with the company for a minimum of 30 hours per week

As a technically responsible person your tasks are i.e. to ensure that:

  • the company’s tasks that require approval are manned correctly
  • the employees are instructed sufficiently and
  • execution of the work is sufficiently supervised

Moreover, the technically responsible person shall ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with applicable Danish rules of law, Executive Orders and technical regulations and in accordance with the company quality management system.

Individuals seeking to work as a technically responsible person in a Danish electrical installation company can apply for approval through the Danish Safety Technology Authority. Applications are processed in accordance with  EU directive 2005/36/EC  concerning approval of professional qualifications. This Directive has been implemented in Denmark by - Executive Order No 1391 of 30 November 2018 on personal authorisation and pursuit of the profession of electrical contractor on the basis of foreign professional qualifications.

If you wish to pursue your profession on a temporary or occasional basis, you must send a written notification to the Danish Safety Technology Authority before you start pursuing your profession. In assessing whether you are considering working permanently or pursuing your profession on a temporary and occasional basis, the duration, frequency and continuity of the pursuit of your profession are very important factors.

If you have not heard from the Danish Safety Technology Authority within one month from we have received your notification and complete documentation, you may continue your profession in Denmark on a temporary basis for up to one year following this notification.

If the Danish Safety Technology Authority decides to reject your application for an authorisation the authority will send you a reasoned decision.

You can find the application forms and a guide of the application procedure through the links.


Processing fees are payable when a technically responsible person is applying for working permanently in Denmark. There is no processing fee for notification of temporary pursuit of profession for individuals.

The fee is DKK 3725 (2021).

Fees should be paid via the Danish Safety Technology Authority’s website using an electronic payment system. The following payment cards may be used: Dankort, VisaDankort, Visa, MasterCard and Eurocard.

In case of rejection

If the Danish Safety Technology Authority decides to reject your application, you will receive a reasoned notification.

Last updated: 18 February 2021