Register yourself as unemployed at the job centre -

At you can register as unemployed. If you lose your job, you should register yourself as unemployed on the first day that you are unemployed. If you do not have internet access, you can approach your local job centre or unemployment insurance fund and get help to become registered. In order to receive unemployment benefits from your unemployment insurance fund, you need to be registered as unemployed on

How to

  • Click Start

You register by tapping 'Meld dig ledig' in the blue box. You must go through the following steps when registering as unemployed:

  • Register that you are applying for unemployment benefits (‘Jeg søger om dagpenge’)
  • Register whether your are full-time or part-time unemployed
  • Register what jobs your are seeking
  • Register your job experience and education
  • Submit the required information by saving at the save bottom (‘Gem’).

You will get a receipt on screen when you have completed the registration.