Find an apprenticeship

On Læ you can:

  • Find approved employers that accept students from vocational schools for work experience or apprenticeships. You can also find employers that may soon have an available traineeship, and on the map, you can see where they are located in relation to where you live.
  • Create a profile that can be viewed by employers.
  • Get a message from JobAgent when a work experience placement or traineeship becomes available that matches your profile.
  • Check your traineeship applications and get reminders about which companies you have applied to, or plan to apply to.
  • Make an agreement with an employer about where you would like to go on work experience.
  • Check on progress once you have an agreement with an employer.

How to

  • You can find approved employers and work experience notices without being logged in: Click on ‘Find traineeships’ on the front page of Læ
  • You should be registered on a course at a vocational school to create a profile.
  • Login to Læ using MitID
  • Click on ‘Create Profile’ and complete the fields.
  • Once your profile is complete, you can choose from a number of options in the blue boxes under ‘My page’.

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