Apply for sickness benefits as a self-employed person at 'Nemrefusion'

Nemrefusion gives you access to your reports of absence.

  • You can get an overview of your all reports of absence due to illness.
  • You can submit your absence to the municipality. If your absence is due to illness, you automatically apply for sickness benefits.
  • You can get notifications when a deadline for submission is near.

Please note, that there are different deadlines for submission depending on if you have taken out a sickness benefit insurance.

How to

In order to access NemRefusion, you need to register as a user of NemRefusion and to log on with either your personal digital signature (Privat MitID) or your employee signature (MitID Erhverv)

You must report your absence no later than 3 weeks after the first day of absence. If you have taken out sickness benefit insurance, you must report your absence no later than either 1 week (insured from the first day) or 10 days (insured from the third day) after your first day of illness.

To report absence and apply for sickness benefits you must:

  • Log on to Nemrefusion via
  • Click on “opret anmeldelse” (notification process)
  • Submit the required information. E.g. CPR and CVR number, the extent of your activity as an self-employed and information about how your illness affect your ability to work
  • Receive a receipt on screen when you have completed the required steps, stating that the municipality have received the information

The self-service solution is in Danish.

Contact info

+45 70 12 20 32 ( Phone hours)

Kongens Vænge 8
3400 Hillerød