Education for adults with dyslexia

If you are an adult with dyslexia, you have the right to education for adults with dyslexia

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If you are an adult (at least 25 years of age) with dyslexia, you can receive education at your local adult education centre (VUC) to improve your reading, writing, and spelling skills. The education, which takes place in Danish, can help you improve, among other things, your chances for a well-functioning work life. The education enables you to read and write texts, but also teaches you relevant methods and aids so that you can function with your dyslexia.

In order for adults with dyslexia to be eligible for education at an adult education centre (VUC), you have to take a test for dyslexia. The test is free of charge, takes place at your local VUC, and is led by a teacher with training for teaching people with dyslexia.

The education is adapted to your needs and you can be allocated up to 60 hours in a course.

The education takes place either one-on-one or in small groups of 2 to 6 participants. You shall regularly evaluate the education with your teacher so that it can be adapted to you so that you benefit from it as much as possible.

Locations of education centres for adults with dyslexia

The regional council collaborates with the adult education centres (VUCs) and other education providers so that there are suitable offers for everyone. The individual centres inform the public about the dyslexia education that they offer.

If you are dissatisfied with circumstances of your education, you can file an appeal. The first step is submitting your appeal to the head of the educational institution. 

If they do not uphold your appeal, you have the option to have your appeal processed by the National Agency for Education and Quality (STUK). There is a deadline of 2 weeks to appeal. 

You shall submit your appeal against the educational institution’s decision to the educational institution itself, which shall draft a statement on the matter and send it to you for comments. You then have 1 week to submit your comments. The educational institution shall subsequently send your appeal, its statement, and your comments to STUK.

Last updated: 03 April 2024