Admission to higher education in Denmark

Applying for admission to higher education in Denmark

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In Denmark there is a coordinated admission for undergraduate higher education programmes university bachelor programmes, professional bachelor programmes and academy profession programmes.

This means, that you can apply digitally for admission to up to 8 different educational programmes, but you will not get an offer for more than one programme.

It is mandatory to apply via the national application portal

You can apply for admission to higher education programmes taught in Danish or English.

If you are disabled and you are unable to use the digital application system, you may contact the educational institution to be exempted and get a permit to send an application by mail. In that case the educational institution will provide paper forms.

The application portal will take you through all necessary application steps, and there is a detailed guide, on how to fill out the application available to you in English.

If you want to apply for at graduate programme, you must contact the relevant educational institution, as the application process is established locally at the educational institution.

Applications to undergraduate higher education programmes in Denmark are assessed locally at the institutions, but coordinated centrally from the Coordinated Admission at Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science to ensure that you only receive one study offer.

No, there are not any application fees on Some educational institutions will have application fees for non-EU residence.  

You can receive general guidance at 'eVejledning' and 'Studievalg Denmark' on the choice of education programme and application procedure. The guidance counsellors can help you to get an overview and ideas for your education choices.

For specific questions about an education programme, you must contact the educational institution directly. Both Studievalg and eVejledning will refer you to the institution, if they are not able to answer your questions.

Complaints have to be directed to the educational institution that made the decision. Once you have received a reply to your complaint, you will receive a guide on how to appeal the decision with regards to legal deficiencies to the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. 

Last updated: 03 January 2024