Artistic education in Denmark

A wide range of artistic subjects: classical and rhythmic music, film, performing arts, visual arts and the art of writing

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The Ministry of Culture is responsible for a number of artistic higher educational institutions (art schools), which offer higher education in a wide range of artistic subjects: classical and rhythmic music, film, performing arts, visual arts and the art of writing.

The Danish Ministry of Culture administers the following educational institutions that provide bachelor and master programmes within the arts:

  • The Danish National School of Performing Arts
  • The Royal Academy of Music
  • The Royal Danish Academy of Music
  • The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
  • The Rhythmic Music Conservatory
  • The Danish National Academy of Music
  • The National Film School of Denmark*

*The National Film School of Denmark provides 4 year study programmes.

In addition, there are 3 self-governing institutions within the ambit of the Danish Ministry of Culture:

  • The School of Authors
  • The Jutland Art Academy
  • The Funen Art Academy

The artistic educational institutions prime purpose is to educate graduates at the highest artistic and professional level. To that end artistic education is primarily based on artistic practice and artistic research and to some extent academic research. Students are admitted on the basis of their artistic talent and abilities. Read more about admission requirements below.

The Ministry of Culture's higher education institutions are also cultural institutions. They play an important role in presenting and developing Danish art and culture, and they interact with the world around them, locally, nationally and internationally. 

They provide a framework for the creation of works of art, artistic and teaching development activities, research and, not least, various forms of presentational activity in the form of public concerts, performances and exhibitions etc.

The Denmark has a system of accreditation of higher education, which means that all bachelor and master programmes are accredited by an independent authority.  The accreditation system is a system of external quality assurance in accordance with common European Standards and Guidelines (ESGs). It helps to ensure and develop the quality of higher education and creates a more coherent and transparent education market in Denmark.

The Danish Accreditation Institution is responsible for accrediting the Ministry of Culture's educational institutions and their educational courses.

The artistic higher educational institutions have a very limited intake of students each year. The entry requirements are strict and the admission processes are comprehensive and include entry examinations. 

Students are admitted on the basis of the applicants’ artistic capabilities and talent. As a rule there is no requirement for an upper secondary educational qualification

The Ministry of Culture refers to the artistic educational institutions as regards individual options for making a complain since there are specific guidelines at each institution.

Last updated: 04 January 2024