Lower secondary boarding schools

Each year, about 28,000 young people start attending a lower secondary boarding school

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Attending a lower secondary boarding school typically costs between DKK 2,550 and 2,950 per week, but the State provides financial aid based on your parents’ income, so your out-of-pocket fees can be significantly lower. For example, with financial aid, an enrolment that normally costs DKK 2,750 per week will only cost you DKK 1,351 per week if your parents earn DKK 400,000 per year. If they earn twice that much, your out-of-pocket fees would be DKK 1,890 (2024).

There is also a household income deduction for each resident child under the age of 18 (excluding the pupil).

The central website for lower secondary boarding schools has a fee calculator.

Lower secondary boarding schools have general subjects such as Danish, English, mathematics and physical education.

You can also choose a number of electives that vary greatly from school to school, such as drama, music, electronics or information technology. The electives differ from school to school.

You can use the central website for lower secondary boarding schools to search for the exact subjects that you enjoy.

If you wish to appeal a decision made by your lower secondary boarding school, you can file an appeal with the head of the school; either yourself or together with your parents.

If you are subsequently dissatisfied with the decision on the appeal, you can then file an appeal at the school’s administrative board, which will take a position on the matter.

Last updated: 04 April 2024