School-home cooperation

The purpose of school-home cooperation is to involve parents in children’s education

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There is no standard formula on how cooperation between schools and home should work. School-home cooperation can for example be: Parent-teacher meetings, subject evenings, parent cafés, workshops and school-home discussions.

The purpose of school-home cooperation is for parents to play an active part in their children’s well-being and learning at school.

Most parents will mainly experience school-home cooperation through annual parent-teacher meetings. A school-home discussion may for example deal with questions such as:

  • How is the child getting on in the class socially?
  • How is it going with schoolwork and paying attention during class?
  • What is the child’s education level?

If you want to appeal anything related to school-home cooperation, you can first approach the school Head, who has overall administrative and educational responsibility for the school. If you are not satisfied with the school Head’s decision, you can appeal to the municipality within 4 weeks.

The decision of the municipality cannot be appealed to another authority.

Last updated: 03 April 2024