School transport

A long or dangerous route to school, illness, or disability entitle children to apply for school transport

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Your child has a right to school transport if one or both of the following criteria are fulfilled:

  • The school route is too long.
  • There is dangerous traffic on the school route.

The school route is the shortest road or path that pupils can use. Your child must live and go to school in the municipality, live in the school district, and the shortest school route must be too long.

The school route is too long when the distances are:

  • Classes 0-3: over 2.5 km
  • Classes 4-6: over 6 km
  • Classes 7-9: over 7 km
  • Class 10: over 9 km

Your child will primarily travel by local public bus routes. If the child is attending a school outside the school district, the parents must arrange and pay for the transport themselves.

You may not apply for transport between home and a childcare facility, or to and from confirmation classes.

Your child can be given free school transport if the child lives in the school district and there is what is considered dangerous traffic on part of the school route. The municipality and the police assess whether there is dangerous traffic on part of a route.

You cannot appeal the municipality’s decision on school transport.

Last updated: 30 June 2023