Technical school-leaving examination – htx

It takes 3 years to complete the course for the technical school-leaving examination (htx)

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Start – apply to upper secondary education

In order to be accepted for the 3-year course for the technical school-leaving examination (htx), you normally need to have passed the primary school-leaving examination after year 10 (class 9) as well as fulfilling a number of other conditions. Alternatively, you may be asked to pass a centrally-issued entrance examination and take part in an application interview carried out by the school.

The application is made digitally and you apply via

If you are in year 10 or 11 (class 9 or 10), your school and your mentor will help you complete your education plan and apply for acceptance. The deadline for the application is 13 March, and you will be informed in writing by 1 June whether you have been accepted.

If you have left school, you can fill out an application yourself at If you apply before 13 March, the schools will be able to consider your application together with the applications from the pupils applying directly from years 10 or 11, classes 9 or 10.

The purpose of the htx course is to prepare the pupils for further training. In addition, the course provides general education, which means that the pupils learn to behave reflectively and responsibly towards their surroundings – that is other people, nature, society and their own development. The course also develops the pupils’ creative and innovative skills and critical sense.

Htx is linked to technological, scientific and business-oriented educational perspectives. The work particularly involves product development, innovation, problem-solving and applied science, including combinations of theory and practice in workplaces and laboratories.

The first 3 months consist of basic training. After this, you can choose between the study options offered by the school.

The study options are grouped into communications technology, applied science and technology.

For pupils admitted to TEAM Danmark and pupils admitted to Musikalsk Grundkursus, Musical Basic Course MGK, or a comparable course, the course can be arranged over 4 years.

During the course you will receive interim grades on an ongoing basis, typically 2 or 3 times a year, and you will receive an annual grade in each subject when the subject is concluded.

You need to take at least 10 tests with external invigilators, including an oral test based on a study area project during your time in the course. A htx course has been passed if the average grade achieved is at least 2.0 on the 7-point grading scale.

If you are dissatisfied with the course and its organisation, tests, including test grades, assigned study direction and optional courses, lack of special tuition or other special education help etc., you can complain to the school Head.

If you are dissatisfied with a decision made by the school Head, you can in some instances submit a written complaint to the Head, who will forward it to the Board for Education and Quality with his own comment on the case.

Before the case is sent on to the Board, you have the right to comment on the case. Any comments made by you will also be sent to the Board.

Last updated: 03 April 2024